DC-ME-01T-C module password

Hi, we need a technical support. Last year we bought 5 pc of DC-ME-01T-C modules from Digi-key. Unfortunately we can’t find labels with passwords for these modules. On labels only a product number and the MAC address can be seen.
The product number of each pieces is:
(1P) 50000878-03
In e-mail I can send you MAC addresses of each. Could you send us unique password for each?

You do not need a special password for -C units please see the note below. This note appears on the bottom of the Knowledgebase that I have linked below;

The unique password change does NOT apply to modules running NET+OS (-C) or Linux (-LX), as it is in the responsability of the customer to program a custom firmware on these to implement whatever security methods to comply with SB-327.