DDNS won't connect


I have and issue with DDNS settings with out new Digi Transport WR21.
I have this message in evenlog: DynDns 0 update fail no connect

There is somethings need to do other than DDNS settings?

Note that I have no problem with our about 45 Digi wan connect modem.

Thanks for your help


that error message means the router failed to connect to the service for some reason.

this could be down to the service you are trying to use and the configuration.

first check you can ping the URL/ hostname of service

if you get a responce then move on to checking the configuration of the DDNS

you could then switch on the Anyliser and use the ip address of the service and see what communications there are between the router and service.

other than that i would talk to tech support with a debug.txt and if you can catch trace of the communications



Thanks for reply.

I really don’t understand why it won’t connect to DYN.
How can I send to you debug.txt?


I send it to tech support.


I still have problems configuring the DDNS at Dyn.com in the WR21 modem.
I repeat, we have nearly 45 Digi connect WAN 3G IA modem that works very well with Dyn.com.
Since we buy Digi WR21, with the same DYN configuration it doesn’t work.
What is the difference in DDNS between the Digi connect WAN 3G IA and the WR21?

I’m desperate, please help!!


I think I found it.
I saw in a video that the person put “DynDNS DDNS System” at Custom DNS instead of Dynamic DNS
since then has worked, but I don’t understand.