Debug -> Deployed, SPI Port Stops Working


I’ve developed an application on the Connect ME 9210 demo board. The module is the 4MB module with the JTAG header. However, when I select “Release” under build, then compile and load the image onto a 2MB, non-JTAG model I have in our actual design…the SPI port stops working.

Is there anything I have to set in an include or project settings file to indicate the target is now a 2MB target? What about SPI, RS-232, etc, differences? Do I need to go into an include and change a port setting?

The rest of the code is running; I can see my web server come up, get into the device, etc, but the SPI port is seemingly dead in the water.

Any help’s appreciated; thanks.

Try updating the rom.bin. This kind of thing is usually because the rom.bin on the module doesn’t configure the pins properly.