Debug issue using Digi ESP 1.11 and J-Link GDB Server V3.59b

I’m trying to debug the simple hello world application that’s generated by the project wizard. The project builds with no problem but when I try to debug, I get this message from the GDB Server:

[i]J-Link GDB Server V3.59b

JLinkARM.dll V3.59b (DLL compiled Jan 17 2007 17:49:06)

Listening on TCP/IP port 2331

J-Link connected
Firmware: J-Link compiled Jan 17 2007 14:58:19 ARM Rev.5

J-Link found 1 JTAG device, Total IRLen = 4
JTAG ID: 0x3F0F0F0F (ARM7)
Connected to
All pending breakpoints removed
Debugger terminated connection ![/i]
This looks to me like ESP is encountering some error and is aborting the debugging process. So i check the console on the ESP and I see this:

mi_cmd_stack_list_frames: No stack.
Undefined command: “resetDebugger”. Try “help”.
stacklist 0
Undefined command: “stacklist”. Try “help”.

I can’t find any help on these 2 command nor can I figure out what the problem is. Has anyone see this?

We are also facing the same problem,
Kindly help to resolve this problem
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I had the same issue, and the fix for me was to set configuration switch S4.3 on the dev. board to On. This puts the board in ARM debug mode.

Hope that works for you.

Great that worked a treat.

Thank you.