Debugging zigbee app with ESP

Hi Everyone,

I’m trying to debug a zigbee app with Digi ESP and a ConnectPort X4. I was hoping that by debugging as a Remote Digi Python Application, I could load my code to the ConnectPort and remotely debug it. However, it seems that the ConnectPort uses different libraries to the PC, such as Does this mean that it is impossible to truly emulate and debug the ConnectPort on a PC via ethernet with DigiESP?

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Hello Kev,

As you said, the zigbee module is a resident file of the ConnectPort firmware, this means that you cannot associate it with any file of your PC for the debug process. The remote debug process works as follows:

1.- All required python libraries of your application that are not built in the device’s firmware or included in the file of the device, are zipped with your application and transferred to the ConnectPort.
2.- The Digi ESP makes a mapping between the application files exising in your PC and the ones transferred to the ConnectPort, including the zipped libraries.
3.- When you set a breakpoint, Digi ESP knows where to stop in both, the ConnectPort file and your local file using the file mapping.

This means that you cannot step in built-in python modules of the device when debugging because you do not have the built-in module locally.

Hope that helps.

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