Determining the product family through an AT command request

When I open a XBee device in XCTU, it displays a product family string in the firmware information (such as XBP24BZ7). I am wondering if there is a way to query the XBee using an AT command request to obtain the product family.

The reason I am wanting this is because I’m using a microcontroller with an XBee to send and receive API Tx and Rx packets; however, I sometimes switch out the XBee with one from a different product family. The microprocessor needs to know the product family of the XBee in order to know which API Tx packet to use (such as a 0x00 Tx packet or a 0x10 Tx packet). Perhaps there is another way to go about automatically determining which API packets are supported by the XBee that I’m using, so I’m open to other suggestions.

Sure you can use the ATVR command.

ATHV (Hardware Version) is the closest thing you’ll get. It won’t get you exact product strings like “XBP24BZ7”. Instead, you’ll have to map 32-bit return values to product strings yourself if you want product strings. See the Digi zigbee manual for details on ATHV’s return values.