DF1 communication loss after reboot -- must remove then re-insert cable to restore

I have Port 2 of the Digi one IAP connected to the DF1 port of a 1747KE module. In order to establish communication between the two modules I have to remove and reinsert the cable. After I do this the connection is flawless so I assume the configuration is correct. However, pass-through is ON, is in RS232 mode and port 1 is empty just in case that is relevant.

I am using the KE module as a means to communicate with a SLC 5/03 on a local DH485 network from Ethernet. After several hours of testing I have yet to encounter any hiccups with the connection. I simply do not understand why the DF1 will not initialize after the machine power is cycled. What is significant about removing the cable and plugging it back in? Is there something weird with the DF1 protocol I havent configured or is this most likely an electrical issue?


I should also note that after plugging my PC directly to the DF1 port of the 1747KE module I was able to retain communication after power cycle. This deems the digi one IAP as the bottleneck in the system.

I have noticed that after cycling power the Digi will have all of the serial LED lights active, however once I remove the null modem cable all LED’s but RTS and CTS turn off. Once this happens I simply plug the cable back in and I have communication.