Defective Port 1?

Hi all,

Port 1 of digione iap (new) configured for console management (tcp port 2001)

PC’s COM1 connected to DigiOne iap serial 1 (terminal block)

For tests purposes, two terminal sessions open:
First on tcp/ip port 2001
Second connected to com1 of pc

Everything typed in first session appears in the second, but not the other way around.
Same setup works perfectly on port 2 of digi.

The obvious suspect is, of course, the cable, but I’ve tested and retested it countless times. There are only 3 wires after all…

Port Logging is enabled but the log is always empty.

Any ideas? Could port 1 be DOA?

Thank you

Nevermind, just woke up and just realized that screw terminal pinout is different than db9 pinout…