IAP virtual port setup hungs up

I have permanent problem with setting up virtual ports ion my PC.
My machine runs Windows XP SP3
I use DigiOne driver 4.4.365.0
The setup wizard starts ok. I select the paramteres on the “Describe the device page”. The wizard locates my remote IAP and starts the installation.

In fact it installes the virtual port but the wizard never finish. It hungs up. I have to close the wizard manually and I must restart my PC to be able to use the new virtual port.
The Windows show blue screeen hung up on closing. Windows closes everything except the hunged IAP driver. I must switch off my PC manually.

Installation of the first few virtual port went without problem. However above a certain number of ports (about 10) the setup never finish the job in normal way.

It is strange also that after setting up the virtual port sometimes I can see a new device in the device manager: PS/2 compatible mouse.
It seems that the virtual port somehow recognised as a mouse.

Have anybody had similar problem? If yes, how did you solve it