Dgrp_cfg_node not creating tty ports

I have downloaded and installed the dgrp_1.9-41 driver on RHEL 9.2, 8.8, 7.9, and Ubuntu 22.04. All compiled successfully and show no errors during the build or installation process. When I use dgrp_gui to configure, init, and start the Connect EZ 32 MEI device, no tty<##> entries are created in the /dev directory.

Using “udevadm monitor” shows:
KERNEL[85424.227047] add /devices/virtual/digi_realport/nodes/zz (digi_realport)
UDEV [85424.229036] add /devices/virtual/digi_realport/nodes/zz (digi_realport)
So I know the driver entry is created. No errors show up in dmesg nor in the /var/log/messages (or the journal for Ubuntu).

I have installed the Windows driver to test the device and it works just fine. But since our system is Linux based, that is not an option. The goal is RHEL 9.2 but I tried the others in hopes that it was something with the OS. I have also tried different physical computers to eliminate that possibility.

The device is visible in a browser from all of the machines and can be pinged. I can telnet to port 771 so I know that isn’t the problem.

So far none of the solutions I’ve seen in the forums have worked. Any and all suggestions, hints, or solutions are welcome.