dgrp_cfg_node not creating tty port in SLES 12

Trying to install the drivers for Digi One SP in SLES 12 operating system. Kernel version is 3.12.28-4-default and the digi driver used is dgrp-1.9-35.src.rpm.

RPM created using rpmbuild is installed fine. But the dgrp_cfg_node command is not initializing any tty devices.

The command executed is dgrp_cfg_node -v init a 1.

No errors are thrown but there are no devices names /dev/ttya00 created.

Any assistance appreciated.

Is the Digi One SP unit online? The unit will need to be on-line and accessible by the host in order for the tty device to be created.

If the unit is on-line, please confirm it is reachable by the RealPort host on the proper port by issuing the following commands from the Linux root prompt:


If you can successfully ping, test the port:

telnet 771

If an error is seen, you will want to ensure port 771 is open on any corporate firewalls.