dgrp_cfg_node does not create any ports

I’ve downloaded and successfully built the dgrp-1.9.33 driver on RHEL 5 (2.6.18-398.el5) to use with a PortServer TS 4 MEI

But the dgrp_cfg_node command does not create any devices for the ID chosen:

[root@capv-01 dgrp]# dgrp_cfg_node -v -v init s dgps01 4 > dgrp_cfg_node-v-v_s_dgps01_4.log 2>&1
[root@capv-01 dgrp]# less dgrp_cfg_node-v-v_s_dgps01_4.log
/usr/bin/dgrp_cfg_node: init requested for node s
/usr/bin/dgrp_cfg_node: testing for a loaded module
/usr/bin/dgrp_cfg_node: testing for s in /proc
/usr/bin/dgrp_cfg_node: making the special devices for s
/usr/bin/dgrp_cfg_node: testing for a daemon for s
/usr/bin/dgrp_cfg_node: attempting to kill s’s daemon (pid 12960)
/usr/bin/dgrp_cfg_node: testing for a daemon for s
/usr/bin/dgrp_cfg_node: testing for a loaded module
/usr/bin/dgrp_cfg_node: testing for a s in /proc
/usr/bin/dgrp_cfg_node: attempting to start a daemon for s
/usr/bin/dgrp_cfg_node: operation completed (init node s)

The build and rpm install went fine - no errors or anything.

But it’s like the TS does not allow me to connect. I get this in /var/log/messages:
Oct 23 15:17:10 capv-01 drpd: drpd(s,dgps01) Connected to Server
Oct 23 15:17:10 capv-01 drpd: drpd(s,dgps01) Server disconnect detected.

Two other systems, AIX 5.3 and RHEL 5 (2.6.18-164.el5) can connect to the TS 4. I’ve disabled firewall and SELinux

Does anyone have any clues?


Try testing connectivity from the Linux host:

telnet dgps01 771

If connected, you might see a blank screen or garbage characters. Otherwise, an error message will be shown.

If this connects successfully, you might want to run the daemon manully in debug mode to see if it shows more:

/usr/bin/dgrp/daemon/drpd -d -d s dgps01 -e never

Thanks for answering!

Forgot to mention I already tried telnetting:

[root@capv-nxtrend-01 ~]# telnet dgps01 771
Connected to dgps01 (
Escape character is ‘^]’.
Connection closed by foreign host.

I get the same response when I try to connect over telnet from the other two systems (RHEL 5 & AIX 5.3). On those however, the digi driver works.

You might want to have a look at running the daemon with the debugging flags to see if it shows more detail.

Since UDEV is responsible for the actual device creation, you might want to consider activating UDEV debugging, as well.

It seems the problem is that the portserver can not service more than two ethernet connections at the same time. When I disconnected one of the other drivers I was able to connect from the new one.