dgrp_gui lost my PortServer and stop working. I have to "install" it again and again every week

My problem is in RedHat 7, every 15 days aprox. dgrp lost connection to my portserver and i have to reinstall it.

I dont know if exist any way to install it and make it permanent.

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Are you running RedHat EL7 or Red Hat 7? What kernel version and what driver version are you running?

Are there errors seen in /var/log/messages when it stops working?

Im using RHEL 7.0 Maipo and driver version is 1.9.34.
No erroor in logs.

Thank you very much

Iā€™m seeing this as well. I think this is happening on an unexpected loss of power. For some reason the dgrp.backing.store file is completely wiped. Seeing this on various versions of CentOS 7.