Realport not restoring correct linux tty port permissions on power cycle

Realport or my Digi SP One on RedHat-5 seems to ignore the dgrp_gui settings if the power is cut/restored to the SP One device. (power availability at the device is beyond my control).

The /dev/ttyaa00 port owner and group are reset to root and mode is reset to 600.

Ive checked the /etc/ file after setting the owner & group ids and access=666 using the dgrp_gui.

Ive even tried editing the init.d/dgrp_daemon script file to force owner, group and access mode.

The device always re-powers up and resets the /dev/ttyaa00 from: crw-rw---- 1 root uucp
to: crw------__1 root root

How can I force Realport or dgrp_demon or the device to restore the desired permissions?

my config…
Red Hat Enterprise Ed. 5
Digi One SP

I believe that distribution version utilizes UDEV. If so, UDEV controls the device permissions.

The following thread should be helpful:,4407#13674

That fixes my problem. Thanks for the great help!

Follow-up question. For these systems that use UDEV then, are all of the documentation references to the dgrp_gui and dgrp_deamon start/stop/settings irrelevant or do they have some effects that need to be considered in my final configuration also?

Sorry, just noticed your follow up question.

Yes, dgrp_gui and the daemon settings with regards to port ownership/permissions are irrelevant if UDEV is used.

UDEV actually creates the devices (not the Digi driver daemon) and uses its rules to define the settings when they are created. The Digi driver rules/settings are ignored.