Dia 1.3.8 exception

Hi all,

I’ve installed Python 2.4.3 then I’ve extracted the dia_pkg_1.3.8 on my machine. But when I ran the dia.py, I’ve got some exceptions like in the attached picture.

Could anybody tell me why?

When running Dia on a Windows PC, and includes the console Presentation, an external library called ‘win32api’ is required to be installed.

You can find the library here:

Make sure you grab the Python 2.4 version of the library, and not the Python 2.6 version that appears to be the default out there.

It works well with the older version of Dia (1.1.17 or 1.2.19). Thanks!

Yes, that is true.

Serial port support was added to the console presentation in Dia 1.3.x.

This allows you to have the console go to a serial port, instead of having to create a socket in which you have to telnet to.

You will need to install the pywin32 library to be able to use the console presentation under Windows, even if you don’t plan on using a serial port for your consoie.

Thank you Scottk