Dia and ESP with connectport2d brick wall


I am working with an connectport2d and a smartplug. Previous experiments with xig and the API explorer have been pretty positive. Working now with ESP I have hit the wall. Following the sample application and making changes as in the tutorial I end up with a cleanly compiled project. When I try to run it, everything is a success, but nothing happens. I have tried all the suggestions in the documentation, telnet, etc, but I cannot find the dia.html on the connectport. Can anybody help me out, this seems so basic.

I also followed the how-to video. It was for another model, but I assumed that the sample aps would make a homepage for the gateway which included “dia”. I only get the factory page… [:(]

Any help/advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks


Add the element “Web” under Presentations in dia.yml file and try again.
Still if you are facing same issue, provide the details about the devices and version of ESP.

The web page won’t likely be named dia.html. I am not sure which sample or tutorial you are using.

The default ‘web’ presentation will be named index.htm and be open on port 8001, not 80.

Most default or sample projects will instead move it to idigi_dia.htm (or idigi_dia) on port 80 (for the CP2XD). Look at the ‘page’ setting in your YML