/idigi_dia.html not found

Just starting to play around with the iDigi Dia, and I followed the Getting Started tutorial in the iDigi Dia ESP.

The problem is when I try to use the web console, at http://IPADDRESS/idigi_dia.html

I get the following error message:
The requested URL '/idigi_dia.html was not found on the embedded Digi ARM device

Any help would be great. I followed the Getting Started instructions step by step. No changes.


Hi bpmccain,

Can you pull up the home web page on the device (http://IPADDRESS/home.htm)? If not, I think the problem may be something unrelated to the ESP.

If the home page is showing up, I think I know what is going on, as this was a bug that was reported, and is fixed in the upcoming release (1.4.14?).

Can you modify the Dia configuration, changing the web presentation page setting to be ‘idigi_web.html’. And ensure the use_default_httpserver is set to True. Then relaunch the sample.

If the web page pulls up this time, I think it’s because there is a misconfiguration in the expected defaults and the Presentation defaults. The ESP thinks the defaults are idigi_dia.html, so it doesn’t include it in the configuration file, but the web presentation has a default of ‘index’. This means that when the ESP launches the project, it not only displays in the Smart Editor that the page is ‘idigi_dia.html’, but it may try to pull up the page inside the ESP (depending on your launch configuration).

Modifying the settings in the way I described, should make it pull the page up specifically.

Hope this helps,


Try to select Dia Web presentation in the .yml file in Digi ESP for python.

And build and run the Dia application again.

Hi mkotasek,

I can pull up the home page on the device at /home.htm, but it seems as though I can only do this for about 30 seconds after the device reboots, and then it disappears - although it stills shows as connected on the iDigi site, and is still detected on my local network using the device discovery.

I have tried changing the web presentation page to idigi_web.html, and ensured that use_default_server is set to True - however I get the same errors.

I am following the Getting Started tutorial for iDigi Dia Project that comes with the digi dia ESP. It says that when I launch the project, the files will be uploaded to the device (which happens), the device will be rebooted (which happens) and the project will launch automatically (this part does not happen). As I mentioned at the beginning, the home page becomes briefly available again, but then goes offline.

It all seems very strange to me, and I have no idea what is going on. Have never had any problem with the home page not being available prior to using the digi dia esp.


Interesting symptoms! If you don’t mind, can you give us the information from the /admin/sysinfo/general_stats.htm page or if using the CLI of the device (telnet/ssh) ‘info device’ information? What I’m looking for in that is exact device type and firmware version.

Also, if you could tell us the version of the ESP you are using? (Help -> About Digi ESP for Python)

When you say the project doesn’t launch automatically, is there an error message in the ESP when that happens?

Are you able to telnet/ssh into the device? If so, you can try launching the project manually. To launch any ESP project, you can call ‘python dpdsrv.py’ on the CLI. If you can, can you give the output of that command?

What you’re saying about the home page going away, that may be because the device is rebooting again after launching the script. When looking at the system information, does the uptime reset after not being able to view the /home.htm page?


From iDigi, as I can’t actually get it to stay up long enough to view it through http://IP/blahblah

Digi ESP: 1.3.0

MAC address: 00:40:9D:3E:A5:80
Product name: ConnectPort X2
Model: ConnectPort X2
Product ID: 00A1
Hardware strapping: 07BF
Company: Digi International Inc.
Vendor ID: 44494749
Boot version: release_82001228_A
POST version: release_82002307_C
Firmware version: Version 82001596_F3 02/12/2010
Manufacturing VPD version: release_82002209_C
Boot version number: 1.1.2
POST version number: 1.1.3
Firmware version number:

When I try to launch the program, I don’t get an error that pops up, but if I click on Channels Explorer I get:

Error Retrieving Data: Error “2007” while performing “device” action: Invalid XML response from device

I can’t actually replicate it right now because it won’t stay up long enough for me to upload the files to it through ESP. Same with telnet.

I’ve now replicated this on two separate devices - the problem doesn’t start until I try to launch my first program from ESP. I have more connectports, so I can try again.


Hmmm. Nothing about the version/device type tells me what could be failing. From the symptoms you’ve explained, it sounds like some part of the environment of the device is causing it to do a rolling reboot at inconsistent intervals.

Something that can cause that to happen on the device that would explain the observations you made may be the device is running out of memory.

One way to approach this is to take the sample that you were working with, and remove elements that you don’t want to use yet. Looking at the sample project ‘iDigi Professional Development Kit’ I see that there is quite a few things you may want to strip out, for the time being.

I’d start by removing the iDigi DB and Web presentations, before trying again. Please reboot the device before trying to launch the project through the ESP. If possible, can you check the memory usage of the device during execution of the sample? That might indicate if it really is a memory issue.

Hope this help,

So I managed to telnet in, and I have discovered that it is in fact a memory error.

I guess the X2 just doesn’t have enough memory to run the dia?

I think it’s a bit inaccurate to say the X2 can’t run the Dia. The Dia as a program is defined by the configuration given to it. When using the Dia with the X2, the user has to be aware of its limited amounts of memory and the challenges that comes with it.

Generally, this means to reduce the amount of objects defined in the system. Avoid memory heavy presentations in favor of lighter ones when possible (RCI, TCPCVS, SMTP are ‘light’, rest are ‘heavy’). Reduce sample rates in case you’re running out of CPU resources as well.

It certainly is challenging, especially when running into the memory error on the first sample with the product.

Hope this helps,

I agree with mkotasek. For those users who have the X2 flavors of the gateway, it could most likely run the Dia. The question, is what other software you have running on the X2, since some versions have less memory than others.