diagnostics on Acceleport C/X ISA adapter and Digi C/CON 16 box

I have the Acceleport C/X ISA adapter and Digi C/CON 16 box. I use these with my DNC software to send programs back/forth to my CNC machines.

I’m running win2k/sp4.

My problem is that when I’m sending programs to my machines data is being lost along the way. (not good)

Cables and connections have been verified good as well as the pc.

Is there a test I can run on the adapter or Digi box?
Or is there something else I should be checking?

Any input will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time,

Typically, lost data is a result of not using or improperly set flow control. Make sure its set on the port, and whatever is connected to the port, and that those settings match. If going over a modem or at high baud rate, I’d recommend RTS/CTS flow control, but you need to make sure your serial cable supports those signals.

If everything seems to be set right and it still isn’t working, that would be a good time to call Technical Support to continue troubleshooting it further.