Replacement for old Digiboard ISA card

For backuping data of a cnc control we use a rather old pc, which has to be replaced soon. I found an old Digiboard card (P/N 30 000462) and should know what it is (or has been), and what I should replace with?
Thanks and kind regards

It appears as though you have an obsolete COM/Xi adapter. More information on this adapter may be found at:

Which replacement adapter we recommend will depend on the operating system and the type of adapter you will need, e.g., ISA or PCI to fit into you your new system’s slots.

I looked to the documentation, but it does not seem to be a COM/Xi. I’ve attached a picture of the board, so you can get an idea of this thing. I may even be in the wrong forum, since I really don’t know what this card is but that it has 4 ports (78pin to four db25 cable)
Thank you for any further remarks

SW windows, maybe tests with linux.
HW pci

Assuming that you require rs232 type serial ports, I would recommend that you try the AccelePort Xr 920 PCI adapter which is available in 2, 4 and 8 port versions. Here is a link to some product information and part numbers: