Dial Up Modem Preference

I was wondering, is there a way to make the Port Server TS M MEI answer after a certain time? So say after 30 seconds of ringing, the port server answers. I assume there must be a way, I just do not know it.

Thank you for your time, I greatly appreciate it.

I am not aware of a modem setting to answer after a specified amount of time, only rings. For example:

ATS0=1 = answer after one ring

Thank you for your ATS0=1 would be auto answer after 1 ring, and ATS0=2 would be two rings and increment accordingly?

Thanks for your help!

Also, how would I enter this in the command line once I have telneted into the device as root? And also edit the previous command to be after 5 rings?

Once at the TS cmd prompt (#>) you can do a:
#>connect 1 …connect to the modem on port 1.
Type “at” which should respond with “ok”.
Type “ats0=5” to answer after 5 rings.
Type “at&w” to write the current config.
Type "^[’ (ctrl-left sq bracket-Return) which brings you back to TS.
#>kill 1 …Kill the process running on port 1.

Got that figured out, had to be in console login mode.

Thanks for that.

Had a question about the network bridge, how do I get that to work. Does it work like I dial the digi box then I am able to access that network? How do I configure this with Windows, do you have any literature on this?

Thanks so much!