how to store settings in modem emulation?


I need the “auto answer” setting on the remote TS2 MEI configured for modem emulation, because there is nobody to give the “ATA” command . My problem is, that my settings made with ATS0=1 (and AT&D0 as well as ATQ1) just turn back to the default values stored in the firmware (manual aswering with ATA) after the TS2 has been turned off and on. It is a huge problem bacause there is no possibility to connect to the remote TS2 MEI after powering down.
Is there any possibility to store my modem settings in the firmware so they just stay after rebooting?

Please help! Thanks

I had the same problem with DigiOneSP.
I resolved with: set pmodem range=1 init_string=ATS0=1