Dialing issue, RAS 4

We just put two of the AcceleportRAS 8 cards into a Windows 2003 server. I have an application that dials out to remote devices to collect data. Some of the devices are on line sharing systems. We can connect fine, except to the ones that require us to wait for a secondary dial tone (the ‘w’ dial modifier). For example, a phone number like this:


will fail to connect. It should dial the number, wait for secondary dial tone, then dial the line sharing code. I’ve tried dialing through HyperTerminal and it does the same thing. It works fine through other modems though. It’s almost like the digi modem is ignoring the s7 register’s value (which is set to 120). It dials the number, waits just a couple of seconds, then displays ‘NO DIAL TONE’. Nowhere near the 120 seconds it should be waiting.

Anybody else experience this?

  1. Which driver do you have installed?
  2. Which firmware version is installed (the response to an ATi3 command)?

Driver version: 5.0.314.0
Firmware version: V80006691_M2-K56_DS

I sent you an email with links to a beta firmware file. Please try it and see if the problem is resolved.

I replied via email but wanted to post here in case anyone else is reading this with the same issue…

I installed the beta firmware and rebooted the machine, then verified the new firmware with an ‘ati3’ to one of the modems. It’s still doing the same thing: it doesn’t wait for the proscribed time limit set in s7 when using the ‘w’ dial modifier. Here are the command strings I send to the modem prior to dialing:


There was one change that I noticed. Now when a call is finished, two responses are issued. The first is the expected ‘no carrier’ or ‘no dial tone’ or ‘busy’ or etc, etc. But then ‘no answer’ is also returned after every disconnect.


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