Did the Message Type change for newer CompactLogix to Digi One IAP

I found the message type PLC5 Typed Read to work for communication using an Allen Bradley Compact Logix 5380 firmware version 30 to the Digi One IAP for a serial modbus RTU slave on port 2. I was unable to use a SLC5 Typed Read as documentation indicates (Digi IAP EIP to Modbus Slave). We have several (10+) of the Digi ONE IAP functioning on ControlLogix and older Compact Logix hardware (Firmware version 20) successfully using the SLC Type Read.

Any indication as to what would have changed?

When using the SLC Typed Read on the newer hardware, the message instruction errors out with “Illegal command from local processor” Error Code: 16#1000. Changing to PLC5 Typed Read is currently working. Before I attempt to troubleshoot by setting up an older processor, was hoping to gain some insight.