Diferences about Linux, WinCE and Net+OS hardware

Hi, I’ve a problem with my dealer.
I asked my local dealer (RS-Online) a jump starter kit CC Wi-9c linux and a CC Wi-9C linux.
My dealer provided me the jump starter kit CC Wi-9c linux and he told me that can not provide the CC Wi-9C Linux.

Can I use the Linux SDK with another CC Wi-9C ?

How can I reinstall the S.O. in a CC Wi-9C ?

I have one day, to think if I return the jump starter kit and buy another with other S.O. or I’ll take it and get another CC Wi-9C.

Thanks, Vicente Romacho

the main diff between net+os and other platforms is
NET+OS is Little Endian & Linux, WinCE is Big Endian.

So devices meant for NET+OS wont work out of the box with linux.

However you can load windows ce on linux machine and vice versa.

i didnt understand the diff between CC Wi-9C Linux & CC Wi-9c Linux

Refer http://www.digi.com/pdf/prd_em_connectcorewi9c.pdf