Difference between models of WR31

If I understand correctly, there are three variants of the WR31:

WR31-L52A-DE1-TB (L5)
WR31-L12A-DE1-TB (L1)
WR31-U92A-DE1-TB (U9)

The L5 appears to be aimed at deployment in North America, but what is the difference between the other two? I am trying to determine which will offer the greatest coverage of cellular networks for deployments outside of North America.

Thanks for any advice.


The U9 Is a 3G version of the router
The L1 is a LTE version for EMEA



Hi James,

Thanks for your answer. Does the LTE version fallback to the various 3G and 2G schemes or would the U9 generally provide better coverage. Speed is not a major requirement for my application.


The L1 is capable of fallback. As far as a module / part number recommendation, I suggest contacting Digi sales.