Difficulty getting 2 s6b's to communicate

409D5DF7E6 Xbee coupled with a Sparkfun explorer dongle …plugged into a Mac USB port
…ID = xbee-409D5E001F
…DL =
…ATPG192.168.1.10 = 1 ms
…MY =
…ATPG192.168.1.100 = 10 ms

409D5E001F Xbee connected to Arduino Uno
…DL =
…MY =

Arduino program running is
…SoftwareSerial xbee(2,3);
…char c = ‘A’;
…void setup () {
…void loop () {
…c = c + 1;
…if (c > ‘Z’) c = ‘A’;
…delay (1000);}

Arduino Serial output
etc …
While it appears that the two Xbees have a connection, I am unable to determine if 409D5DF7E6 has actually received the xmissions. How can I know this? I must be able to save and work with the transmitted data.

You need to find an application that will run on your MAC that is able to open a COM port and view the data and allow you to save it.

Ty. I thought about this and looked around for something but was unable to find anything suitable.

I have however, managed to get the two xbees talking. I went back to the beginning by restoring the default values in both radios and then programmed them to form an adhoc network. This worked. The answer was really in front of me all along as the procedure defined by Digi for creating the adhoc was right there.

I am still interested in software for reading the Mac’s com ports. Any suggestions?