Digi Connect Me 9210 Modbus Net+OS Esp


I have just started work on Me 9210. I am not very much familiar with the Modbus Tcp. Is that possible that we can configure Modbus Tcp with Connect me 9210 in Esp Net+OS or not. If yes then how can we do that and if not is there any other way of doing that.?


MODBUS TCP is not supported. Digi does not have a Modbus TCP port for Netos. If it is using standard TCP sockets it should be fairly simple to port. You have to figure out what APIs your Modbus implementation requires and figure out which one of those are available in Netos.

For Embedded Linux you could use some of the existing projects out there (I am afraid that they are not completed or well maintained/supported), or buy some commercial library like this one:


How can I implement this external (Third Party) Lib in NET+OS and make it work with Digi Module connect me 9210.?


If you have sources you can simply compile it.