Modbus TCP and Web Server Data

I’m newbie on Digi modules.

I have a 8-bit mcu with 1/2 serial port. And I have ordered a DC-ME-NET dev. kit and DC-ME4-01T-C(with JTAG).

I want to communicate with Modbus TCP via my microcontroller, and show and change the data(like temperature, setpoint etc. in the host microcontroller) via web pages(html/xml/java)

Microcontroller will connect to Digi-ME with serial port.
How can take this application?

May i have to use the RCI? (At the first look, the RCI seems to using for configuration)

I’ll be glad if you suggest about this stuff.


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Hi Baris,

You may want to look at the Digi Connect ME Integration Kit rather than the NET+OS development kit. It is not as flexible, but it includes a few things that NET+OS does not include, such as RCI and Java Applets.

If you do look at the integration kit, the modules should end with -S instead of -C.

You can, of course, write this with NET+OS and the -C modules, but it may require a bit of extra work to add modbus (there are free samples of modbus code located at web site) and to add specific HTML pages.

Best regards,

John Leier
Digi International

To be clear though, you would have to use a Java applet stored on the Connect ME that would connect back to the device using Modbus TCP and query the attached controller with Modbus TCP commands. Those commands would then be converted to Modbus RTU commands and sent to the controller.

Hi johnleier,

I want to build a web page include Java Applets.

As you say “You can, of course, write this with NET+OS and the -C modules”

Could you give more detail how to do this?