Modbus TCP with Connect Me

I have recently acquired a Digi Connect ME device and board and am trying to configure it for Modbus TCP.

To do this, I understand you need to change the serial port profile to “Industrial Automation” in the web interface. However my web interface doesn’t have this option. Is this because I have a 2 MB flash version of the Connect ME?

PN: 50000878-01 -S

Also hearing that the “-01” from the above PN signifies the 2 MB, though I’m not sure if this is true?

Thanks for any help

This part number is part of the DC-ME-01T-S product.

It is the 2MB flash version and as per the manual here

“Industrial Automation is supported in these Digi devices: Digi Connect SP, Digi Connect Wi-SP,
Digi Connect ME 4 MB, Digi Connect Wi-ME, Digi Connect EM, Digi Connect Wi-EM.”

Your model is unsupported.

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Thanks for your quick reply Nicholas,

It was as I guessed then.

I also have two other Connect ME devices with part numbers

PN: 50000878-03 AB -C
one labeled as -P and -S

Are these also 2 MB versions, I read on the forums that if the “-03” was less than 7 then it was a 2 MB version. This is true then?


I have no idea. I just looked at what part number 50000878-01 was used in and it only mapped to DC-ME-01T-S. If you have that style part number then that is better for me to search on.

I am leaving the office for today and can try to look up the part number tomorrow.

As for the -03 bit less than 7. I am not sure.

That would be appreciated,

Thank you for your help.

OK, so the 50000878-03 refers to DC-ME-01T-C which is also a 2MB version but is for the Net+OS variant. You can see this code and the other (DC-ME-01T-S) on this page here

What the differences are on this product is not my specialty.

I don’t know the differences of the -C -P and -S either but the part number given refers to the above product so I would guess they are variants of the same thing.

As for numbering conventions I am not sure. 50000878 has many different variants so logic would suggest the smaller comes first. For example the50000878-08 refers to the DC-ME4-01T-C which is a 4MB variant but there are many -xx numbers.

These part numbers are not real part numbers so I can’t be of much more help. They are primarily internally used numbers that are an element of a package. EG DC-ME-01T-S. Have a look around for a 4MB version with the full product numbers on the page linked above.

Ok, Thank you for your help

-C is for NET+OS development(C is configurable).
-S is for “pug-and-play”

Now there are also -PC and -PS models.
The C and S in these model designators are the same as above.

The P refers to 802.3af compliant power pass-thru. This (form what I can tell) is the official and technical name for power over Ethernet.

So -PC would be a NET+OS part supporting part that also supports power over Ethernet

A -PS part would be a plug and play that also supports power over Ethernet.

There is a Modbus firmware for the obsolete DC-ME-01T-S 50000878-01 Connect ME 2MB flash plug and play firmware: