Digi Connect ME and SSL certificate with 2048bit RSA Key


I use a Digi Connect ME Type -C module for a custom application based on a server with ssl certificate.
I’m experiencing that the module works fine if the ssl certificate has a 1024 bit RSA key, but stop working if the key is of 2048 bit (fails the ssl handshake).
It’s right? There is a workaround?

Thank you,

Response by Technical Support:

The maximum key size supported in NET+OS 6.3 is 1024.

Larger key sizes are supported in the latest versions.

This is a 4 year old question and answer, but I too am having the same problem - a 1024 bit key works, but 2048 doesn’t. I’m using Net+OS 7.5.
The previous answer included “Larger key sizes are supported in the latest versions.”
What key sizes? And what later versions?