SSL *slower* ConnectME 9210 than NS7520?!

I recently received a shiny new ConnectME 9210.

To provide a apples-to-apples comparison with my existing NS7520 that runs 7.3, I built the ConnectME 9210 firmware with 7.3 as well.

I’m running the same code on both.
(serving a static web page over SSL)
The trusty old NS7520 @ 55Mhz takes a little over 3 seconds.

The ConnectME 9210 takes a little over 6 seconds.
(both times as measured by Firebug)
This is repeatable behavior.

What gives?

  • Is the AES acceleration HW is not enabled by the stock BSP?
  • Does libcrypto.a just not use it?
  • Or something else?

The same rev. of Net+OS (7.3) is running on both.

Digi Connect ME 9210 is not supported in NET+OS 7.3, only NET+OS 7.4 and later. try that

Using 7.5 (as provided by Digi along with the module ordered and delivered last week) I built the HTTPS sample program, and FTP’d the various .PEM and .CRL files it requires to get SSL happy.

Attempting to browse to the device using Firefox on a windoze XP PC fails to work at all!

Any advice?

okay, i need to modify root.c
to specify


in the call to


it does indeed seem much more sprightly, but I haven’t run a consistent test yet.

Why on earth would Digi ship the HTTPS demo program with a setting that is virtually guaranteed to fail to work with any common PC+browser?