Wrong clock speed


I’m having a clock problem with the Connect Me (DC-ME-01T-C parts). I have the Connect Me on the development board and on the first prototype / production unit reporting a clock speed of 55.296000 MHz through the NAgetBbusClkFreq() function (I’m using Net+OS 7.2) which is correct but on the second prototype / production unit, the Connect Me report a speed of 105.906176 MHz which is wrong. This unit still responds but is slower than prototype #1 and development board.

Both prototypes use the same PCB revision and I even swapped the Connect Me between the two boards to make sure it wasn’t related to the boards. That didn’t change anything. The one that reported 55 MHz still report 55 and the other one still report 105 MHz.

My understanding of the Connect Me is that, beside the BSP_CLOCK_SOURCE option in bsp.h, the user has very little control over the clock speed and that it should run at 55MHz according to the specifications. Please correct me if I’m wrong about that.

Any help will be appreciated,