Digi Connectware Manager

We are unable to use the Digi Remote Manager due to Firewall restrictions. Need to have a stand alone version that is within our firewall. Digi had a product back in 2007 Digi Connectware Manager.
This is not as advanced as the Remote Manager but would suit our needs as we have over 400 Digi ES units we support. Any assistance would be appriciated.

An older version of Remote Manager for Windows is still available, and might be worth trying?

Remote Manager - version 110 - demo version

Remote Manager - version 1.1.1 - full version (Requires license to unlock)

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Many thanks. Is V3.1 available at all?

Do you know if Digi Connectware Manager V3.1 is still available?

Do you know if Digi Connectware Manager V3.1 is still available?

I’m not sure about v3.1. The most current version seems to be 3.5.20 here:


Is this sufficient, or do you specifically need v3.1?

Many thanks. I was not there was V3.5.20. I will download and advise if it is working as required.

Do you have a setup and configuration manual for version 3.5.20?

I am having trouble with Java accepting the certificate. It will not let me any further and will not allow me to verify that the machine it’s running on is authorised.

About all I can say is, I’m seeing the same issue. I started playing around with trying to lower the Java security settings in the Java control panel (in Windows Control Panel) and adding the site as an exception, but that didn’t help. So that’s the direction I suggest you pursue, to try to get that issue resolved.

I can get to a login screen, however it wants a Username and Password. I have tried everyone i know including those in the manuals with no success.
I might lodge a new question to see if anyone know that Username and Password will allow me to proceed.