digi detection

Hi all,
I am working in an application that requires serial ports. The correct order of digi detection is vital to my application.
Recently i have ported my application to Redhat Enterprise Linux 4(RHEL4). The order of digi detection is now however reveresed.
The ideal order as defined by the Mobo Specs( motherboard) would be:
PCI Slot-5 - Digi-1

PCI Slot-6 - Digi-2

But the order detected on RHEL4 now is:
PCI Slot-5 – Digi-2

PCI Slot-6 – Digi-1

Can you please explain this behaviour and any means of controlling it?
Is it due to the OS or the driver installed?
Currently i have dgdm-1.1-2.src.rpm installed in my system.

As this is a workstopper, an immediate reply would be really helpful.


The slot order is determined by your Linux kernel. Please contact Red Hat to see if there is any means of controlling this.