Digi Neo PCIe is not recognized by RHEL 6.6

OS: RHEL 6.6
Kernel: 2.6.32-504

I recently purchessed two Digi NEO PCIe 8 port cards with the Acceleport 16 RJ45 Rack box. I placed both cards into pcie slots, and then cabled them to the Acceport using the cables that where provided. I turned on my server. I would think that I would have 16 /dev/ttyS*, but there are only the standard 4.

I did an
lsmod | grep jsm

Nothing returned back, meaning that the jsm driver didn’t load at boot time. I rebooted the machine again, and still I do not see either the jsm driver loaded, or the /dev/ttyS* devices.

I can do a modprobe jsm and it appears to load the driver, but I still don’t have any /dev/ttyS*.

PCI has been enabled in the BIOS.

I did an lspci, and the Digi Neo is found and labeled as a serial controller. It looks like there is also a Intel Serial controller on the motherboard as well. But I think the main problem is that the jsm driver is not loaded.

Any suggestions?

I believe the ports would be labled ttyn* with the jsm driver. You may need to run “make menuconfig” to see whether the jsm module is configured for your kernel.

Thanks for your reply. I didn’t see any of the ttyn* either. I would have assumed that the JSM module would just be good to go, but I think the PCIe Digicom cards are newer, and the JSM module included with kernel 2.6.* doesn’t contain the necessary junk. I did have success with the DGNC driver on the website, but I had to rebuild it from source. I will follow up with detailed instructions on how I fixed this

I had better luck with the DGNC drive code from the Digicom website. I had to build it from source, but it seemed to recognize ports now.

To build the DGNC driver, download source from

Then follow these steps to build:

  1. tar -xvf 40002369_G.tgz
    Unpack tar file
  2. cd dgnc-1.3/
  3. ./configure
    This will configure the build environment and create the make files necessary to build.
  4. make
    This will build all the needed libraries and the module itself
  5. make install
    This will install the driver in /lib/modules/(kernel version)/kernel/drivers/misc
    and the init script in /etc/init.d
  6. Start the driver
    service dgnc start
  7. Make sure driver runs at boot time
    chkconfig dgnc on

I would have thought that the JSM driver would have just recognized the cards, but I think the PCIe Digicom cards are newer, and the JSM module included with kernel 2.6.* doesn’t contain the necessary junk. It’s possible that I am missing something, but for now I have a working Serial setup.

Glad to hear you were able to get the dgnc driver working. It does provide a lot more useful utlities, such as, dpa.dgnc and ditty.dgnc which is not provided with the jsm driver. Since the jsm driver is not maintained by Digi, you might need to run this by the Linux maintainers in order to determine why it was not in your kernel by default.

We define the serial port basics at 38400 8N1, works fine then during the day changes to 1200 7 N1; any suggestion


This suggests that something is changing the port settings. You might want to ensure there are no scripts, getty or applications changing these settings on your host.