After installing the driver for a Digi NEO on Redhat ES5 the ports showed up in /dev, but after reboot they are gone

While logged in as root, I installed the listed driver for RedHat SE5 for the Digi Neo card. (I have the 8 port version). After finishing all the steps I started the service and the ports showed up in /dev (ttyn1a to ttyn1h). After I reboot the machine the ports were no longer listed. When I tried to restart the service I get a message back that the driver image was not found. If I try to re-install the RPM package it tells me it is already installed.

Any suggestions? When I try to run the test app it tells me no card is found. When I check the PCI devices installed the DIGI controller is listed.

What driver version did you install?

If you run /etc/init.d/dgnc start after booting up the server, do the devices get created?