Digi Discovery Password = NULL


I want to set the password for the discovery tool (ADDP) to a special word. But now the device accept the new password and no password. Where can i delete or set the empty password?


This is caused because the ADDP thread authenticates by calling NAgetSysAccess (found in sysAccess.c). As a work around you can put in a check on users with the name of ‘root’, if they have a NULL password, return.

I use the NETOS 6.3
The support have say the same how charliek and that they want to fix this.
Do you now if the patch from 7.1 are working under 6.3?
Otherwise I wait for the right patch.

Which version of NETOS are you using? I see an ADDP defect was corrected in NETOS 7.1. If you’re using NETOS 7.0, you can try to grab the ADDP patch from the tech support web site.

This was in the NETOS 7.1 release notes:
22. Corrected defect in ADDP that prevented the server from authenticating client set requests. ADDPv2 passes a hash of the root account password to authenticate requests for setting parameters or rebooting. The defect allowed any password to set parameter or reboot the device where ADDP was enabled. [19965]

The problem I described was only in 7.0 and I don’t think the 7.1 patch will not work in 6.3.