ADDP and Digi Device Discovery

Hi All,
I have been searching and cant find any info on the problem I have.

I am using OS V7.0 with all patches applied and need to be able to utilise the Digi Device Discovery program that we currently use for our DIGI ME -S devices.

The software I have written for the ME -C device uses the same ADDP COOKIE of DIGI as the ME -S devices so it can be seen in the Digi Discovery.

OK good so far ADDP must be working to allow the Digi Discovery to see the device and show the IP, SW version etc.

I then attempt to use the “Configure Network Settings” or “Reboot Device” options. The dialog appears and then requests a password. So to see what account it is using to try and use this feature I look at the request in the debugger… Account “ADDPpassword” and Password “dbps”.

So I change my code to create an account at startup using the same username and password and give it “root” permissions (for testing) so it should have unlimited privileges.

When selecting the “Configure Network Settings” the test in NACheckAuthWithLen failed because the protocol = NASYSACC_DEFAULT and there is no test for this, so I edit the code to test for the condition. The function now passes when the correct username and password are used.

But Digi Discovery is patchy, it crashes or reports changes applied successful but reboot invalid.

I select “Reboot” and it crashes.

Am I missing something in the ADDP server or can I not use Digi Discovery.

Hope someone can help.


The ADDP server only uses the ‘root’ user, with a configurable password. So if you’re trying to use a user other than that, that’s probably why you’re having problems. Trying creating the template app with a known or default password for root (i.e. something like ‘Netsilicon’) and re-run your tests.

Hi Marc,

Didi you ever get this password problem resolved? I have run into the same problem and am having a hard time finding someone at Digi that knows anything about this.


There was a problem in 7.0 where actions from ‘Finder’ ignored the password you entered.
This was fixed in 7.1.
The problem is that you have to enter the root password - which is something we don’t release to customers.
I got round the problem by changing the root password once my application was running.
AFAIK its no better in 7.3, but hopefully Digi will make the password for Finder configurable

I am using NetOS7.3 on both EM ME and the 9P (9215) module.

The standard finder app that is installed in the tools directory works for me provided i give it the “root” password. This can be changed from the initial dialog on the serial port, (but you need to know what it is to do that). It can also be changed from the CLI but you still need the original value.

I believe that the pre 7.3 units are factory set with a root password of ‘Netsilicon’ and I think that some later units it may just be ‘password’

With ESP when you generate a new project and first use the debugger to download it there is a prompt for setting up application values in NVRAM. I believe that if you say yes to this it may set the root password to the value defined for APP_ROOT_PASSWORD in appconf.h