Digi Port Authority Remote isn't Discovering any Devices

After connecting my Digi One Device Server on the Network and installing Digi Port Authority Remote, it is not discovering anything on the network.

1. Please perform a physical check of the equipment:
If power is detected on the Digi Device, you will
see a Power LED indicator.
If the network is detected on the Digi Device, you will
see a Link LED, except on the Digi One IA and Digi One
IA RealPort, which will not show Link if the network
is detected.

2. Please check the dip switches if you have an Digi MEI

Make sure the MEI Switches on the Digi Device are set
to EIA-232 when initially configuring the device. You
can later change this to match your peripheral
device’s requirements.

3. Please check your network configuration:
a. The Digi Device should be on the same subnet as the
PC running Digi Port Authority Remote.
b. The Digi Port Authority Remote device discovery
utilizes ADDP. If you have a firewall on your PC
or network, you may be unable to discover your Digi
Device. You may want to try a crossover ethernet
cable from your PC’s network card if there is no
firewall enabled on your PC.

4. Please try resetting the Digi Device to factory
defaults via the reset switch.

5. You may want to try another method to get the IP
Address initially configured:

For additional instructions please locate the
Configuration Guide for the Digi Device either on
the CD or on Digi’s web site.

Also make sure you disable any Firewall software or VPN connections. These will block the discovery protocol.

I am having the same problem here. The physical connections are fine, there is no firewall software running on the host machine, and I am on the same subnet. Flashed to the latest firmware and post.
The only time I can reliably discover the device is when the DIGI and the host PC are on the same hub/switch.
I checked with the network department, and multicast is not being blocked. They use it for many purposes, including configuring other serial-TCP devices like HP devices (and others) across the network.

DIGI-OneSP flashed to F
WinXP with DPAR

Are there any other utilities or procedures I can do that would help me debug this problem? Are there more specific questions I can ask the network people here to
see if there are any other issues? (I already gave them the port number that ADDP uses).



I have the same problem. Digi port Authority is not finding the device, but Digi device discovery is. Why?


I had the same problem many times.

Try to locate de device via Win98/ME/2000, just a different operating system from XP. Sometimes when the device gets an IP out of range it’s really difficult to locate it via XP.

Another option is making a null modem cable RJ45/RJ45.

hope it could help you.