Digi ESP / Development board - Problems running remote application


I have recently set up an ME 0210 ARM linux development board to my embedded linux host computer.
Having followed the quickstart guide, I find that when I attempt to run my ‘hello world’ application on the embedded device that the binary is not transferring, and returning with a ‘directory does not exist’ error message.

I have verified connectivity with the board, and am able to execute console commands using the ESP serial connection.

I have verified the FTP settings are correct and can FTP files from the host to the embedded system, but the FTP client is logged into ‘/root’ - which is read only, so I first change directories to /tmp.

Unfortunately the ESP is unable to transfer between host and embedded system.

Can anyone help?

Many thanks in advance

you should be able to transfer files over ftp to /tmp which is mounted on ramfs and is writable. can you see file been transferred in to /tmp? can you do a network trace and see what is going on?
Alternatively, build kernel and rootfs project, and boot module over tftp/NFS, then change transfer type to NFS.


I have same problem , did you find solution ?

I have the same issue using a Connect ME 9210 and the Linux development board. I’m running the Kubuntu distro that comes with the development kit. I can ftp manually (through a terminal with ftp) and then run my program via the serial console; but of course, no debugging support that way. :frowning: