Launching - Remote transfer Error


I am having troubles with the Connect ME9210 Dev Board and the HELLO WORLD project from the Build-Your-First-App tutorial.

I am running Digi ESP 4.2 in a VM (Sun VirtualBox) on a WinXP+SP3 computer. I am able to connect to the target from the VM through the serial port as well as over ethernet. http, telnet and ftp are working fine from the command line.

When I try to Run this project, I get the following error message:

Remote Transfer Error(correct ip). Remote path /tmp/ does not exist.

Whats going wrong?

Thanks, Fritz.

small update:

ftp is NOT working correct from the VM.
I have to use the passive mode for a correct answer.

shame on me:
the vm was not in the same subnet

=>changed and working now.