Digi Module connect me 9210 AWS Server


I know this is nasty question but I am new to the embedded work and this is my first project.

I am going to implement an aws server in digi module through which we can get digi module ip address and then can change it later on and also digi will get data from an external device using modbus rtu and will display it in html pages and also we have to configure the device nodes using the digi module. my questions are as follows.

In AWS server applications does digi module behaves like a web server?

If we implement AWS in digi module we need to set network settings like IP etc at the start of the project. but how could we tell customer the customer would access this IP and would change later on.

Or I need to create another website outside the digi module and then make digi as client and implement everything.?

AWS is a webserver application for the Digi module.

There is an pplication note that will address the ip settingsā€¦

And also one for the AWS

But my question is if i implement everything in digi module AWS side then it means i have to tell the customer that you have to access the html page using this ip address or i need to ask them about their network settings and first implement them and then i should give them the ip address.

Digi modules have implemented ADDP protocol which allows to discover and configure them on the network even without knowing their IP params.
Modules by default would have DHCP enabled. Customer would be able to discover them and see the DHCP assigned IPs. If DHCP server is not available, customer would be able to manually configure their IPs. This is an extremely flexible development platform and pretty much anything can be done, but some things might need to be implemented vs being available.