Digi one IAP DB9 Serial LEDs


I can only get the Serial LEDs working when using the screw terminals on the Digi one IAP. When using the DB9 (RS232) there is no activity in the LEDS even though the port is working fine.

Is this normal behavior?

How is the Passthrough switch set? Does your behavior change if you power off the IAP, enable the Passthrough port, power it back on and retest?

tried with both passthrough ON and OFF (dip switch 1 on). No change in behavior. Does this mean that the led should work when using the DB9?

BTW this is the “Haz”-modell

with pass-through set to off I can now see a faint light in TX. This is on 9600 bit/s, if I set it to 115200 bit/s the light is almost invisible. If i set it to 50 bit/s it shines as bright as the Lan LEDs.

Still no light in RX, so it’s still only for the screw terminals.

Please, it would be great if someone could just confirm that the leds only worked for the screw terminals.

I can confirm that if the IAP is setup to work as a 2-port device, then the LED are only for the Screw terminals - not for the DB9.

In ‘pass-through’ mode, the data is ‘repeated’ out both ports during TX and ‘merged’ by software during RX, so the TX LED will work by accident (because of the unused TX echoed out the screw terminals), but there will be no RX LED as that is tied to the idle terminal block.