Digi One IAP losing it's configuration?

I use many Digi One IAP’s to connect to Allen Bradley SLC PLC’s via Ethernet. I have one that keeps losing it’s configuration, specifically the Industrial Automation settings. Does not lose it’s network settings. I restore the configurations and reboot and it will work fine for awhile, but it’s happened twice now. What would cause this and how do I fix?


Are you running the latest firmware on this device?

Yes, I believe so. From web interface “Update Firmware” page:

Model: Digi One IAP
Firmware: Version 82000770_W1 02/16/2016
POST: release_82001178_G

Are you still facing this issue with this device? If so, we may want to RMA it, you should email tech.support@digi.com with its serial number so we can check its warranty status.