Digi One IAP Omron

I have purchased from my Omron vendor a Digi One IAP serial server. I am connecting to Omron CPM2A PLC, via CPM2C-CIF11 RS422 converter, using cat5 cable. I have been following Omron document PDG2FAZ1 for setting up Digi One Ethernet to Serial Gateway. From the Web browser interface, I have selected under applications: Industrial Automation, Serial slaves, port 1, Omron Host link. I made sure my port was 9600 7E2. I reboot and after setting up Real Port Virtual COM port (Port1, COM3), I try to go online from Omron CX Programmer. I see the COM light flash on the PLC, and I get a message saying: Could not connect. Connected PLC CQM1H, Project PLC CPM2*. What I am doing wrong?

Thanks for your help.

I sadly haven’t had much opportunity to work with Omron equipment.

If you don’t want “multi-master”, the first/easiest thing to try is to change the Digi One IAP’s serial port profile away from “Industrial Automation” to plain old “RealPort”. This way things like baud rate and control signal settings come directly from your CX software. It makes the Digi One IAP more of a “remote COM port” and less of a HostLink state machine.

You mention RS-422 - does that mean you have the Digi One IAP set to RS-485 full-duplex (DIP switches 1-4 as off-on-off-on?). You likely need the 4th bias/terminator on since the Digi products ONLY have line bias active when termination is on.

Does Omron document the pin connections for RS-422 (485 4-wire?)