Yaskawa CP-9200SH to Controllogix 5000 via DigiOne IAP

I have an older Yaskawa PLC with a CP-9200SH processor and a 217IF serial communication card that I would like to use the Digi One IAP to put some of it’s data out to our network specifically into a Controllogix 5000 PLC. The 217IF has 2 RS-232C ports that can be used with Memobus, Melsec, and Omron protocols. The Memobus as I understand is similar to Modbus, but after trying lots of configurations to get this to work I have given up and thought maybe the Omron Host Link would be easier. The documentation on setting up the Omron Host Link was not as descriptive as the Modbus ones on this website so I didn’t get very far.

My impression is that I should be able to message the serial 217IF slave through my 5000 PLC which is the master getting the data I am looking for.

My questions are is if this setup should work? Which protocol should I try to make work? If this should work I will keep trying and come back with specific things I have tried, but if it won’t work I will stop wasting my time.