how to communicate Omron NJ PLC and DIGI TS4W using Ethernet/IP?

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I want to communicate Omron NJ501-1300 PLC with DIGI TS4W using EthernetIP. So I need an EDS file for DIGI TS4W.

Please help to provide me an EDS or XML file for DIGI TS4W.


Are you trying to do some form of Ethernet routing in the TS4W?

Sadly, going Ethernet/IP to serial to the PLC likely won’t work, as only the DigiOne IAP has any Ethernet/IP awareness. Plus that code was fairly targeted at AB ControlLogix as-of 2008 or so, and might not handle newer EIP trying to support richer ODVA objects which don’t match the ControlLogix defaults.

The best you can do on a normal ‘device/terminal server’ to bridge Ethernet to serial is encapsulate on of the older serial protocols, such as OMRON HOSTLINK, or Modbus/RTU. (If I remember correctly, TS4W should do basic Modbus/TCP to RTU conversion).