Digi One SP - Alarms and Email

Hello Support Forum,
I want to use alarms and emailing in my Digi One SP.

  1. Not much in the help tab about to setup up of a trigger from something in the serial string. For example, I can get my device to report “8216A 2.6.2”. How would I put that in? Is there a manual that talks about the alarms?

  2. I found a few things about emailing on the forum. Is it still the case that the Digi One SP will only be able to talk to a local SMTP server? The local ISP uses Google, something to the effect “smtp.gmail.com”. The tech guy said it did use SSL. So does this exclude using the Digi One SP or is there an update that allows that?

Thanks for your help

Not sure if you’re thinking of a different product, but the Digi One SP is a very basic device server which allows IP to serial connectivity, but it doesn’t support alarms or email.