How can you send an (alarm) email without a server password?

Did anyone get this to work? I have spent many hours with this, and the only thing I can conclude is that you MUST be on the same network as the actual mail server in order to send out the alarms?

You cannot do this via your ISP mail server or ANY third party SMTP server???

Has anyone had success doing this?

I am using the following:
Model: Digi Connect ME
MAC Address: 00:40:9D:27:AF:4B
Firmware Version: Version 82000856_E 07/01/2004
Boot Version: release_82000866_C
POST Version: release_82000867_E

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Typically a provider will configure their SMTP server so that any connection coming from inside the network is considered trusted, thus no authentication is required. Connections coming from outside would require authentication, which prevents unauthorized persons from using the server as a relay for sending out e-mail spam.

The current SMTP client implementation in the Digi ‘plug and play’ firmware does NOT provide for authentication.

My suggestion to you is to contact Digi support, directly by phone or e-mail, regarding this issue. One of the support staff can investigate as to if this is a feature is being added; if not a request for the feature can be submitted.

Digi Support Services:
phone: (952) 912-3456