How can you send an (alarm) email without a server password?

I’m no expert on networking or web protocols, but don’t most SMTP servers require a password before they will relay an email message? Why then is there no server login/password entry for the alarm email configuration?

Also, in the alarm configuration, there are two methods for triggering alarms: GPIO, and Serial Data Pattern Matching. Can I trigger an alarm via a java applet, i.e. send the serial pattern via TCP to the TCP server, which then relays the pattern out the serial port, or does it only look for the pattern on incoming serial communications?

While most SMTP servers will require some sort of authentication, most will NOT if the user you’re sending to is on that same server. For example if I try to send an email to through my regular Comcast internet email server it will require authentication. However if I send the email through instead of Comcast then it should go through. So basically if you set the SMTP server in your Digi device to the same server your destination person is a part of it should work.

Please see the following forum post, regarding this issue:,1521#5633


I have tried this and it does not work.

The only way to send email out (that I have found) is to be physically on the same network as the email server itself.

Has anyone else been able to do this?

What was the resolution to this? I tried the link but it seems busted. I have the same scenario. Has there been any improvements? Thanks